Who Are We

About Us

For us, parties are another way to show love, both to those celebrated and to family and guests, that is why we put our hearts into each event with unique and personalized designs that reflect your personality and taste for life.

For the founder of Sweet Treasures, Edith Garcia, parties have always been her passion, after organizing and decorating events for family and friends in 2015, she decided to open her talent to the general public.

We want to know you, in addition to the basic information of an event such as date, theme, colors and others we like to know what leads you to make that party, we want to connect your heartbeat with ours and make each celebration unique and special as if it were our own party .

List of services

Event Design

Unique designs made especially for you, taking care of every last detail. Whether you have an exact idea in mind or don’t know where to start, we strive to know the tastes and lifestyle of the revelers and the family that helps plan the party, and we create a design where everyone feels identified and taken consider. You do not know what theme or colors to choose, or do you not agree? A consultation with us


We don’t just hang curtains, we create designs! A Backdrop is the ideal Frame for honor tables, Dessert tables or to hide walls around the living room with not so nice details.

Honor Table

It is the most important part of the event, it must have a spectacular decoration that reveals your style and personal taste.

When you’re running a business and balancing a family, time is always tight. Ready to grow your business with less time?